Get a Library Card

All residents of the Town of Simsbury are encouraged to apply for a Library card. You may come in person or apply for one online. Print a Library Card Registration Form or fill in your information online below.

Library staff will contact you once your card is processed. Please allow up to 48 hours for us to complete this process. You must come in with one form of valid ID. One of the following items may be presented at the time of library card registration as proof of identity and residence.

  • Connecticut driver’s license
  • Connecticut State ID (issued by DMV)
  • Connecticut motor vehicle registration
  • Current telephone or utility bill
  • Current item of mail with street address that has been delivered
  • Lease agreement, rent receipt or property deed
  • Checkbook with name and address imprinted
  • Voter registration record
  • Student report card, school ID or school schedule
Library Card Registration Form

Library Card Registration Form

First Middle Last Jr/Sr/II
(For notices and library information)

Card Information

Typing your name here confirms responsibility for this card, including fines and fees incurred, child's selection of materials and use of the Internet.

I accept responsibility for the use of this card, including all times borrowed on it and fines/fees incurred. I understand that any fines/fees, or cost of replacement will be assessed and are payable at the time they accrue. I agree to inform the Library immediately of any change to personal contact information or if the card is lost or stolen. There is a $1.00 replacement fee for a lost card that has not expired.

Type your name here to agree to the terms.