Simsbury Public Library

Notary Public

  • Call the Reference Desk at 860-658-7663, ext. 2 to be sure a Notary is available.
  • Bring 2 forms of ID with your signature on them
    • One must have your photo on it, such as a driver’s license, State issued ID card or passport
    • Acceptable non-photo forms of ID are signed credit or debit cards, gun or fishing permits, or a pilot’s license
    • We are not able to accept as ID Birth Certificates, Social Security cards or Drive-Only Licenses
  • The document that is being notarized must be signed in the presence of the Notary
  • We are not able to notarize:
    • Wills
    • I-9 (USCIS Employee Verification) Forms
    • Prenuptial agreements
    • Vital records
    • Tax returns
    • Military records
    • Judicial Decrees
    • Petitions