Simsbury Public Library

Featured Programs

Healthy Indulgences: Build Your Own Chocolate Bark

Monday, February 27
6:30 – 8:00 pm
FSPL Program Room

Are there healthy ways to indulge yourself? Can celebrating food be positive to our well being? Join a fun, creative, interactive workshop where you will build your own healthy chocolate bark. Please note that there will be one nut choice used in the bark toppings.

Presenter Alissa Monteleone will have a copy of the newly published 2nd edition of her book, Every Body EATS, for sale at the workshop. Realizing she needed to take her health seriously after having her first child at 36, Alissa took control over her lifelong struggle with food, bad diets and the other junk that comes along with bad nutrition. Her book celebrates the art of happy and healthy eating!

This program is part of the Innovators’ Workshop @ the Simsbury Public Library.

This free workshop for adults and teens age 16+ is limited to 40 participants. You must preregister.

From Millennials to Boomers — Sound Financial Advice for the Generations

Thursday, March 2
6:30 – 8:00 PM
Program Room

It can be a challenge sometimes for children and their parents to find common ground these days. Music, movies, television…And the list just gets bigger and broader from there. But when it comes to money, we all wish we knew more; how to save, where to save and when to save. We also wish we had a way to be sure we won’t make the mistakes made by past generations. So if you are just starting out with your first job, we will offer some great financial habits to get into that you can use for the rest of your working years and beyond! And kids, we encourage you to bring your parents with you! Regardless of your age, the concepts and discussions within this presentation will most certainly apply to you.

Guest speaker Peter Leponnes, CFP® with Apella Capital will lead an educational presentation that will cover the following content:

  • Spanning the generations: Boomers, Gen X, Millennials and their attitudes towards money.
  • Be aware of ‘Debt Traps”: Be it student loans, credit cards or mortgages, understanding how they work will allow you to control debt and not let debt control you.
  • The market or a mattress?; How to best grow your money based upon your time horizon and risk tolerance while also controlling fees, expenses and taxes.
  • Finding Common Ground – how your financial challenges aren’t all that different from those of your parents.
  • What ‘plan it’ are you from? The importance of creating and sticking to a financial plan, regardless of your age.

Kids’ Sewing Club

Wednesdays in March at 4:00 pm

Katie Turner teaches children to use sewing machines in this special Innovators’ Workshop class.  All materials will be provided to make a drawstring bag.  Children are welcome to bring their own fabric if they prefer (at least 9″ x 22″, or a “fat quarter”).  Two classes will be offered for children in grades 1-3, and two for grades 4-6.  Please choose one class only and call to sign up: 860-658-7663 ext. 3.

March 1: Grades 1-3
March 8: Grades 1-3
March 22: Grades 4-6
March 29: Grades 4-6